Dancing Drama 1

1 step wrong. Over and over. So what?! This is dance practice and there are dirty things coming out of my teacher’s mouth.

” You had 12 months to practice this!” she shouted like a maniac. Wait no, she’s not LIKE a maniac, she is one. Then after that, she showed everyone a song that was for our new dance number. And while everyone was chatting about how AWESOME the new song is, my teacher gives me the face that says, ‘you better start practicing otherwise you are going OUT. THAT. DOOR!!!!!’

So i start practicing and my teacher doesn’t bother helping me. And then she suddenly screamed, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING????!!!!” Everyone quickly turned their heads to look at me. I was shaking. NO, like, LITERALLY. I was like standing there, shivering like i was buried in ice in my underwear.

“You BETTER over it. And you BETTER know it when you come back next week.” she said to me, like i just peed in her FACE. Luckily, the dance lesson was finally over. I was thinking and discussing with my parents.

Should i move to a new dance school?